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Short Message Service (SMS)

SMS: No matter how huge your contacts database is, our SMS platform allows you to message them all together as long as you have sufficient credit on your account.

@ #2.60 to MTN Nigeria network and #2.50 to all other Nigerian networks you are good to go but If you plan to send a high volume of traffic regularly, we can negotiate a lower price for you through your account manager. If you plan to send messages to Networks outside Nigeria you can contact support to add this feature to your account.

Voice Messaging

Why not step up your customer relations with our voice call service. whether it’s pre-recorded audio message or text to speech message you want to send through the voice call channel we got you covered. We can also help you set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service. Contact us or your Account Manager to have this service provisioned on your account.

WhatsApp Service

While bulk SMS is a great way of reaching out to clients and customers, WhatsApp is the ultimate. You might have issues of DND with SMS but as long as you have the WhatsApp numbers of your clients nothing can stop your message plus WhatsApp has the advantage of direct engagement with clients.

We setup your WhatsApp Channel @ a monthly subscription of #25,000/mo for 12 months straight or #30,000/mo month to month subscription and you can start sending messages just the same way with bulk SMS but instead of the SMS option you choose WhatsApp. You monthly subscription allows you to send up to 170,000 Messages monthly with daily limit of 5500 messages.

Open a support ticket or contact your account manager to setup your WhatsApp Channel. We advise you already have a WhatsApp number older than one month already which will be used to setup your dedicated WhatsApp Channel.

NB: DwebConsults is not supported or endorsed in any manner by WhatsApp or any Instant Messaging APP. Also note that if your recipient mark your message as SPAM then your number can be blocked by WhatsApp. To avoid this;

  • Make sure to send to recipients who are expecting your message.
  • Have your Company or Brand logo as the WhatsApp number profile
  • Encourage your clients to save the number
  • Setup your advertising campaign so that clients get to send you message first. That way “mark as spam” will never be an option.

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