DwebConsults Solutions, a multi pronged IT solutions firm offering different services such as web hosting, cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery, messaging services and Email Solutions. We also offer general IT consulting services.

OUR forte

Register/Transfer Domain

You can register a new domain name with hundreds of domain extensions available such as .com, .ng, .com.ng, etc. Also, you can transfer your domain name from your hosting company to us.

Shared & Dedicated Hosting

Take advantage of our super fast SSD shared hosting plans. With our shared hosting server running cloudlinux OS, it means each shared hosting acccount gets its distinct virtualized compartment guaranteeing security, performance and speed. If however your project is too big or delicate for a shared hosting environment then try our virutal private or full dedicated servers.

Bulk SMS & Voice Messaging

Short Message Service (SMS) & Email platform allows you to send messages to all your clients simultaneously without breaking a sweat.

Bulk WhatsApp

While bulk SMS is a great way of reaching out to clients and customers, WhatsApp is the ultimate.

BackUp & Disaster recovery

Since there is no 100% fail proof system the ability for your business to be back up and running with minimal to no data loss at all is having a robust backup and disaster recovery system in place. Something even as simple as a system crash or loss should not mean a loss of data. To get started (link to opt in form)

Managed Security

With cyber attack on the rise and it is not limited to big businesses but even small and medium business. In fact statistics shows that SME are now more at the risk of a cyber attack. More dangerous is that cyber threat has gone beyond what regular antivirus can handle but now requires ever evolving machine learning AI, you would be better off passing the burden of securing your mobile, servers and workstation to us. It comes together with Backup and Disaster Recovery. To get started CLICK HERE


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